Adam is a Sydney based photographer specialising in landscape and travel photography. You'll usually find him Travelling, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Surfing, flying helicopters or generally looking for adventure. Adam created when leaving Australia in 2004, as a way to capture and share his experiences with family and friends back home and this has evolved into a passion where Adam takes his camera wherever he goes, including underwater. Whilst he never classically trained in photography, Adam has studied a number of creative influencers and techniques and his style is demonstrated in inspiration from his mentors Trey Ratcliff and his unique HDR techniques, Landscape photographer Peter Lik and the use of light and colour,  and Steve McCurry's iconic travel photography, particularly throughout Asia. Adam has circumnavigated the globe twice by sea and many more times by air. He’s a Global citizen and has enjoyed extensive experiences of living around the world in Antibes, France; Kiel, Germany, London, United Kingdom and Seoul, South Korea. Adam is now based in Sydney, Australia

"There is beauty is in everything, but sometimes we're so consumed by the screens in our hands that we forget to look up and be present." 



+ 61 452 288 900

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